Junior Advisor Hague Corporate Affairs


Intern at the Dutch Embassy in Bucharest

Maxim Waal

Maxim Waal is a Junior Advisor at Hague Corporate Affairs.

By continuously monitoring and interpreting political and societal developments, Maxim provides clients with the necessary information to make strategic decisions. Maxim is driven to contribute to sound and fair policies by facilitating constructive conversations between politics, social organizations, and the business sector.

Thanks to Maxim’s enthusiasm, his social nature, and his years of experience in the hospitality industry, he particularly enjoys the social aspect of public affairs. His heart beats faster for issues related to geopolitics, security and climate.


Maxim studied International Relations and International Organizations at the University of Groningen. Afterward, he completed a Master’s in Global Conflict Studies at Leiden University, conducting research on conflicts in Colombia and Afghanistan. Subsequently, Maxim pursued a Master’s in European Union Studies at the University of Salzburg. Before joining Hague, he interned at the Dutch Embassy in Bucharest and gained experience with various NGOs and associations.