Senior Advisor
Hague Corporate Affairs


Hague Corporate Affairs


Junior Advisor
Hague Corporate Affairs


Student Assistant
Universiteit Leiden


Netherlands Enterprise Agency

Manon Dees

Manon is Senior Advisor at Hague Corporate Affairs. For various clients, Manon is responsible for daily monitoring activities and stakeholder mapping. She also supports the Humans of Hague with thorough research and contributes with her ideas to our lobby and communications strategies.

Manon strongly believes in the power of stories. A good story connects and brings to the surface seemingly contradictory interests and perspectives. This makes the people at Hague Corporate Affairs both storytellers and connectors.


Manon has an academic background in Public Administration at Leiden University and obtained a master’s degree in Conflict Studies at Radboud University, as well as in International & European Governance at Leiden University. Before Manon started as a junior consultant at Hague, she did an internship at the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).

Due to her academic background, she is familiar with state-of-the-art knowledge on the political-administrative landscape and its most recent developments, both on a national and on EU level. She knows how complex societal issues may affect this landscape, and how organizations may anticipate on this in their public affairs and corporate communications strategies.