Junior Advisor
Hague Corporate Affairs


Hague Corporate Affairs


Communication Advisor
Rabobank Group

Luus van Mierlo

Luus van Mierlo is a Junior Advisor corporate communication and PR Trainee at Hague.

Luus van Mierlo is a corporate communication and PR Trainee at Hague. Through media monitoring she is always seeking for opportunities to tell a corporate story. And via stakeholder mapping she finds the right stakeholder to tell this story to, with the receiver always as the point of departure.


Luus obtained a bachelor’s degree in corporate communication at the Hogeschool Utrecht and a master’s degree in political communication at the Vrije Universteit Amsterdam. During her master she focused on the information flows in the public debate, between media, politics, and citizens. Specifically, she studied how politicians manage to influence the media agenda, on different topics. After internships and working experience as a communications advisor she is now combining her political and communication knowledge to the deliver the best possible corporate affairs advice to Hague’s clients.