Junior Advisor
Hague Corporate Affairs


Hague Corporate Affairs


Hague Corporate Affairs


Intern editorial and communication
National party CDA

JP Colenbrander

JP Colenbrander is Junior Advisor at Hague Corporate Affairs.

As a “political junkie”, JP closely follows developments in and around Dutch politics. He believes very few things are as interesting as the development of a political agenda, government communications and the dynamics between journalists, opinion makers and members of Parliament. If you understand the rules, you will know how and when to play your cards right and have a long-lasting impact on politics. 

JP ensures that the advisors at Hague and their clients are well informed about current affairs, the stakeholder field and political planning. He provides them with all relevant information in a timely manner.“It feels like a sport to flag important news to my colleagues, making sure they are briefed on critical developments before they are reported in them in the papers.” He also prefers to look for similarities between (political) parties rather than differences. Regardless of how hard this can be. 


While studying Public Administration/Government Management at The Hague University of Applied Science, JP was an entrepreneur and project manager in the hospitality industry. This has given him a ‘can-do’ mentality and a “high-achiever” mindset.

In the final phase of his study, JP was an intern at the Christian Democratic Party (CDA) at the CDA HQ while completing an internship at Hague Corporate Affairs. At CDA, he was an editor as part of the communications and campaign team for the 2021 Parliamentary elections: “The unique experience of doing an internship during the national election is something I will never forget. I use that experience in my work”.