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José Oosterveen

José is chief financial officer at Hague.

José has been involved in Hague’s financial processes since its founding. First as a consultant from her own company and currently as CFO. She has contributed to Hague’s growth from an ambitious start-up to a professional company. Robust finances are the foundation of any organisation. José proudly ensures this at Hague. To be able to do so, she draws on more than 20 years of experience in advising and guiding entrepreneurs in SMEs.

José comes from an entrepreneurial family and knows from her own experience that owning a business requires 24/7 attention and work. Therefore, creating moments to relax is important to her. That is why she has her own weekly painting club. And if you are looking for José, you can often find her outdoors: on the golf course or walking the Nijmeegse Vierdaagse, the biggest walking event in the Netherlands.


José has a financial and administrative background. After graduating from Schoevers, she started as a secretary at an accounting firm. But she was more interested in finance. After following various studies, she developed into a broadly educated finance professional.