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Hague Corporate Affairs

Jacob Lubbers Estrada

Jacob Lubbers Estrada is a trainee at Hague Corporate Affairs.

The decision to intern and remain as a trainee at Hague Corporate Affairs was quite straightforward for Jacob: he sees Hague as an internationally oriented corporate affairs bureau that resolves societal issues by bridging companies and politics. After contributing to the lobbying efforts of European railway and construction companies in Mexico, he developed a keen interest in the relationship and interaction between politics and business.

Jacob primarily focuses on relevant policy issues for Hague’s Latin American clients in the areas of agri-food, sustainability, and trade. To do so, he closely monitors relevant political and societal developments both in the EU and Latin America. His Mexican-Dutch background and political-societal knowledge of both Europe and Latin America are valuable assets in assisting Hague’s Latin American clients at the EU and member state levels.


Jacob is 21 years old. He was born in Mexico but has spent most of his life in the Netherlands. He comes from an entrepreneurial family and possesses a practical approach and a strong work ethic. Currently, Jacob is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Political Science at the University of Amsterdam.