Junior Advisor
Hague Corporate Affairs




Van Lanschot Kempen

Fanny Bon

Fanny Bon is a Junior Advisor at Hague Corporate Affairs. 

The combination of politics and business excites her. With an entrepreneurial and results-oriented attitude, she always thinks in terms of solutions to bridge the gap between the business world and what is happening in The Hague and Brussels. With her background in professional sports, Fanny now applies her athlete mindset to the workplace. 

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. With this attitude, Fanny helps clients develop their strategy and communication. “By closely monitoring political and societal developments, we can provide our clients with advice in the areas of strategy, positioning, and communication,” says Fanny.


Fanny studied International Relations with a specialization in Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Texas in Austin, the United States. She combined her studies with a rigorous training program in the University of Texas Women’s Rowing Team. Upon her return, she became part of the Dutch rowing team. She combined her top sports career with a Master’s in Political Science in Leiden. After working for a year at Van Lanschot Kempen, she gained experience in the domain of EU policy as a Schuman Trainee at the European Parliament in Brussels.