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Deputy Editor-in-chief
Algemeen Dagblad


Deputy Editor-in-chief
Haagsche Courant

Dick van der Meer

Dick van der Meer is senior advisor at Hague Corporate Affairs. He manages crisis communication for our clients. He also organises the creation of every possible form of digital and printed publication for all types of media.

This varies from an infographic that clarifies a complicated process, a penetrating story that gives people a new perspective, to a multimedia platform that directs a discussion on a large theme. The choices depend on who you want to reach, how it’s set with image and reputation, and what objectives are formulated in the area of public relations and communication.

Dick provides a journalistic approach and a corporate result by asking probing questions that get to the core of a case. He then brings it all to life in word, image and sound. Because an organisation can have a different approach for each group of stakeholders, Dick helps to formulate various content strategies for each group.


Dick van der Meer ran complex news organisations in turbulent times as interim editor-in-chief at the Haagsche Courant and the AD. He’s led large editorial departments publishing numerous editions on paper and online. He was responsible for big budgets and several employees, had crucial IT projects under his wing, changed logistics processes and managed the legal affairs for the editors. He’s familiar with the many facets of journalism and publishing. Dick has always shown interest in media innovation, both in terms of content, what the public wants, and the ways of publishing – the how, where, when.