Senior Advisor
Hague Corporate Affairs


Hague Corporate Affairs


Junior Advisor
Hague Corporate Affairs

Daniëlle Schweitzer

Daniëlle is senior advisor at Hague. Corporate affairs is in her DNA. She can connect any public affairs issue to relevant social developments and is able to translate this into a creative, clear and action-oriented communication, stakeholder and lobbying approach.

She is curious, cheerful and has a critical eye. She works for clients in various sectors and is passionate about food and health and fascinated by innovation and disruption.

She believes that politics and communication are linked. According to Daniëlle, Hague brings these disciplines together in a unique way by clearly explaining and implementing integrated lobbying and communication strategies. “This approach is both efficient and inspiring”, says Daniëlle. She is convinced that influence is achieved by means of a clear and convincing story, preferably mixed with a bit of humor.


Daniëlle studied International Relations and International Organisation at the University of Groningen, did a minor in Middle East Studies at the University of Tel Aviv and completed the master Political Communication at the University of Amsterdam.