Hague Corporate Affairs


Junior Advisor
Hague Corporate Affairs

Daniëlle Schweitzer

Daniëlle is advisor at Hague Corporate Affairs. She is responsible for political and media monitoring.

Daniëlle also keeps a close eye on the continuously changing stakeholders of our clients. She focusses on a wide range of topics, varying from the food industry to EU affairs.

According to Daniëlle, politics and communication are connected. At Hague, we visualize our lobby and communication strategies. That way, we are forced to tell each story as concrete as possible. Daniëlle believes this approach is both unique in public affairs and effective, since nobody has time to read endless reports. She is convinced that a simple and honest story is key to influencing. Preferably with humor.


Daniëlle has a bachelors degree in International Relations and International Organisation from Groningen University, and a masters degree in Political Communication from the University of Amsterdam. During her studies she also followed a minor Middle-East Studies at the University of Tel Aviv. Before she started at Hague, Daniëlle was an intern at a PR firm.