Sanna van Doorn

+31 (0)61 55 77 105
Sanna van Doorn is consultant at Hague Corporate Affairs. For several clients she engages in public affairs for stakeholder analyses, monitoring and field research.

In the field of corporate communication at Hague, Sanna focuses on storytelling, campaigns and reputation management. She also offers support in the production of printed and digital content. With her practical knowledge of campaigning, she can provide organisations with a helping hand in effectively conveying a certain message while conducting an honest dialogue with the outside world.

Sanna sees various disciplines coming together at Hague. From public affairs to politics, to journalism. For her, Hague is the next generation in the field of corporate affairs. She finds the company innovative as, she herself does not believe in borders. She feels she has a unique opportunity at Hague to support clients by telling their story daily. Without fuss, but with words that touch.

“Every story is worth it to show the art of storytelling”


Sanna studied International Relations and Languages ​​in Portsmouth and Strasbourg, and followed her Master’s in Global Governance in Groningen. Before she started at Hague, she worked at various directorates of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including the management of Multilateral Institutions and Human Rights (DMM), the Executive Board Inclusive Green Growth (IGG) and the Communication Directorate. As a communications officer, she contributed to the worldwide lobby of the Kingdom of the Netherlands for a temporary seat in the UN Security Council. As a policy officer, she was closely involved in the organisation and successful execution of the first edition of an international conference on climate safety.