Lennart Padberg

+32 (0)2 401 87 34
Lennart is a Junior Advisor European Affairs at Hague Corporate Affairs. He is intrigued by the role of policies in tackling contemporary challenges and strives to support the team with creative, yet efficient solutions.

In his view, Hague’s dynamic and client-oriented approach is essential to creating lasting impacts for both society and industry. At Hague, Lennart supports public affairs and communication projects related to the circular economy, agri-tech, health, and food.


Lennart holds a BSc in International Business and Economics as well as a MSc in Economics & Strategy from Maastricht University (Netherlands). He followed both degrees with a particular focus on governance, institutions, and developmental policies.

Lennart has gained hands-on public affairs experience in a Brussels-based lobbying and communication agency, where he focussed on the challenges of feeding an increasing population amidst slimming resources. Further, he gained international experience by working in Pune, India, delving into the challenges of large-scale access to renewable energy across the country.

He is a German native speaker, is fluent in English and has a basic understanding of French, Spanish and Mandarin.