Chantal van Wessel

+31 (0)6 2168 8898
Chantal is a visual communications specialist: she visualises a complicated story by using clear infographics, illustrations, data visualisations, graphs and roadmaps - still or animated.

Each story requires a different approach. Whether it’s about a revolutionary aircraft with the latest gadgets, the consultation structure of a public organisation, or the introduction of a new healthcare law. She makes the information clear and accessible to everyone.

The content determines the shape. That’s why it’s crucial for Chantal that the story is right before she can start with the images. No assignment is ever the same and that makes the work both fascinating and fun for her.

“The content of the story determines the form, but both are incredibly important”


Chantal studied Journalism and attended the University of the Arts in Utrecht. After first working as a designer and image editor for various media outlets, (including Algemeen Dagblad, Metro and Wegener), she specialised as an infographic designer for daily newspapers such as Het Parool and Trouw. She also worked as a freelancer for various clients such as Artis, KLM’s Holland Herald and the Anne Frank Foundation.