Schedule, argue, convince. These are the characteristics of a good lobby. Hague helps its clients find their way in the Hague decision-making process with the right arguments and find compromises that serve their interests. In this way we bring the reality of The Hague and that of your organisation or company together.

Politics is all about weighing different interests. You want your interests to be seriously taken into account when policies and legislation are being shaped in The Hague or Brussels. For example, regulations may not always optimally relate to your business activities so you’ll want to let decision-makers know how things can be improved. That’s why you need to be involved in the discussions at the appropriate official or political level. Not only to reject something, that would be a very short conversation, but to also bring a new solution or compromise to the table.

“Political gibberish in the hague? We know better”

Hague, as our name implies, has a lot of experience in the churning, sometimes swirling, sometimes seemingly rippling currents in politics in The Hague. Outsiders often call it Hague’s ‘gibberish’ and we understand it better than anyone. There are big interests at stake, which are of direct concern to you. Hague knows the importance of timing and argumentation in the lobby groups. We have a high level network and can connect you with the people who make the decisions. Discreet, but always with an open perspective, so you can influence decision making with the right argument at the right time with the right people.

Would you like to know what we can do for you? You’re always welcome for an introductory meeting at our office – conveniently located in the heart of The Hague, of course.