Hague launches in Brussels

Hague Corporate Affairs is going European. We are officially opening our office in Brussels, capital of the European Union and the centre of the European decision-making.

Why is a Dutch agency in communication and public affairs joining the so-called ‘EU Bubble’? Meet Andrea Boccuni, Sandrine Lauret and Quentin Galland– our Brussels team – and get answers to your questions.

1. Why does Hague need to be in Brussels?

Quentin: The question is not so much why Hague needs to be in Brussels. Eventually, it all comes down to the reasons businesses have in being represented in European Affairs.

The EU sets most of the legislation that is applied in Member States and which impact citizens’ everyday life and the license to operate of corporate businesses. Whether an innovation or new product reaches consumers partly depends on the regulatory framework in place and on how it evolves over time. It is, therefore, a prerequisite to monitor the legislative processes and their development while offering a voice to businesses in the European decision-making process.

As much as many businesses can’t afford not being in Brussels, where most of important decisions are taken and key political trends take off, neither can we. In the interest of our clients.

Quentin Galland


2. How can Hague help businesses in brussels?

Sandrine: Our mission is to help our clients access and take part in the EU decision-making processes. How do we do this? We follow a tailored and integrated approach to public affairs. Tailored, because we focus on the client’s needs and on the most effective ways to answer them. Integrated, because we combine public affairs, reputation building and digital communication to address the policy audience.

We assist and advise businesses at every step of the process, starting with identifying policies and legislation of relevance and making sense of those for them. We can provide specific, punctual services – regulatory intelligence, stakeholder mapping, strategic advice, advocacy support – or help them with fully-blown advocacy on specific policy issues, from A to Z.

To give a chance to small-size organizations, we also offer association management solutions, which may, as well, involve carrying out public affairs and communications. We can also provide media and data protection trainings. 

Last but not least, we are also involved in Horizon2020 and Horizon Europe projects: supporting coalitions of organizations to use the EU’s fund of €100 billion to support research and innovation projects in Europe.

Sandrine Lauret


3. What are your areas of expertise?

Andrea: Members of our team have different areas of expertise, ranging from circular economy, energy, agriculture and food, biotechnologies and digital economy. What drives us as a team is our common passion for European politics and to influence the complex policy-making processes.

Andrea Boccuni

4. What makes Hague unique in Brussels?

Andrea: Hague Brussels, that’s two employees and at least:

  • 13 ideas a day,
  • 79 news articles read per week,
  • 7 (external) concerts per month, and
  • 22 projects per year.

We love what we do and know the ins and outs of public affairs. Apart from that, we are just like you.

Sandrine Lauret

"Norms, hearts and minds are constantly evolving - that’s what makes corporate affairs so exciting"

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