Public Relations

In a fragmented media landscape, traditional PR is as important as it is complicated. The preparation and distribution of press releases and the pitching of interviews and opinion articles are still effective. We successfully bring your story to the stage.

Casting a wide net in the hope that any editor will pick up your message doesn’t work anymore. Hague will tailor your message to every medium. We are media makers ourselves. Our former journalists know the landscape, the game and the people. We constantly look for new ways to make your story relevant. Short, powerful, visually appealing, or with depth and surprising insights.

“We are media makers ourselves, we know the landscape, the game and the people”

The exemplary men for a top woman

For Ingrid Thijssen, Top Woman of the Year and CEO of Alliander, Hague made a series of video interviews with “Exemplary Men” from large Dutch companies about diversity. They were part of the website Topvrouw @ Work, which Hague enriched for a year with blogs and other content. It was a new way to connect the CEO and its mission — more women at the top — in a creative way.