Media training

How do you answer journalists’ critical questions? How do you reach your audience with a convincing message in everyday language? We prepare you for the camera and the razor-sharp interviews with the press.

The media landscape has changed dramatically. Reputations are built up and broken down in a few hours. A crystal clear response is vitally important. This places new demands on the communication of companies and organisations and the performance of their figureheads: CEOs, directors, politicians, spokespersons and communication managers. They must be able to identify with the journalist — and more importantly, his audience.

“A crystal clear response is vitally important”

Every professional who acts as the representative of an organisation benefits from media training from former journalists and communication experts. The trainers of Hague Corporate Affairs have already prepared many organisations, both from the profit and non-profit sector, for important media moments. With our media training, sharpening your story for the camera is key. The story has to be authentic and stay true to who you are.

Hague Academy’s media trainings can be booked both in sessions and per day. It’s also possible to book a training for your whole communication department.


Learning goals

The following are the main learning objectives in our media training:

  • A solid understanding about how the media works
  • The development and formulation of your story
  • The information requirements from ‘the outside world’
  • Frames that work
  • Learning to be ‘in control’ of your communication with the media – how to hold the reigns