Media monitoring

Knowing what’s going on, and knowing what others are saying about your interests is important. The media is an overwhelming source of information. Hague looks, listens, reports, and offers insight and interpretation, so that you are always informed.

In a fragmented landscape it’s difficult to have a good overview. It’s difficult to see the relevance in all the noise and not miss anything. With our media monitoring we take care of you, and identify opportunities and threats. We see what’s going on in the world, which trends are developing and where they affect your agenda. We report daily, weekly or in real time. Depending on your needs, we provide an overview of everything that surrounds you. We indicate the developments that are relevant to you in the media — and if desired in politics as well.

We capture the buzz

Know the game and how to play your next move.


Contact us to discuss your specific wishes. As organisation, company or branch; for daily or weekly overviews – Hague can take care of it all. In consultation with you, we’ll put together the ideal package.