Storytelling Training

Find and tell your own unique story.

There are many ways to communicate, but the best way to get your audience to listen to you is to tell your story. Real stories about what drives you and your organisation are stories that touch people. A catchy anecdote, a personal perspective, a memorable detail: these all blow life into the messages you want to convey. That is storytelling.

“Real stories about what drives you and your organisation”

In this storytelling training you’ll get acquainted with the starting points of the ancient craft of telling a good story. We help you find your story and teach you storytelling techniques. What’s the story behind your story? How do you use the power of details and strong words? We help you find the language that connects you with the people you talk to. You’ll learn to become a convincing communicator and you’ll achieve your goals for your personal communication and that of your organisation.

Training by Peter ter Horst

Peter has told thousands of stories from his 32-year journalistic career that took him around the world.

Learning goals

The following are the central starting points of our storytelling training session:

  • What is storytelling?
  • When to use storytelling – and when not to.
  • Get the name of the dog: the power of details.
  • The personal anecdote: opportunities and pitfalls
  • Clear thinking, better writing