by Hague


Eric Konings is Public Affairs Manager NL for Kindred Group, one of the largest gaming providers in Europe. For him, public affairs, media and corporate communication are not separate worlds, but closely related disciplines


What does Kindred want to achieve in the Netherlands?

Kindred is originally a Swedish company, serving more than 17 million customers in 100 markets. Kindred currently has a license to offer online games of chance in 11 EU Member States, including Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, Italy and France.

As soon as legislation makes this possible, Kindred also wants to become an integrated part of the local economy in the Netherlands. Both in the field of online gambling and digital technology, while also firmly anchoring in society’s social issues. That’s why we hope that the Remote Gaming Bill, currently in the Senate, will come into effect soon. This is also in the interest of the Dutch participant in online gambling, who must be aware of the fact that he or she can play with a responsible and locally licensed provider.


How does Kindred view corporate affairs, or the integrated approach of public affairs, media and communication?

For Kindred, Public affairs, media and corporate communication are closely linked together. These disciplines work as communicating vessels. What you do as a company in the field of media or corporate communication is closely related to the way in which relevant stakeholders see and value the company. Everything corresponds to each other.

“For Kindred, public affairs, media and corporate communication are closely connected – these disciplines act as communicating vessels”

The roundtable discussion in the Lower House was a great opportunity for Kindred to share our knowledge and expertise with the Dutch stakeholder landscape about match fixing, fraud and corruption in sports. We look forward to more of these kinds of opportunities to work together with other stakeholders on a sustainably regulated online gaming market, in which consumer interests are paramount.

Kindred will continue to maintain close contact with the stakeholder field on the basis of the holistic vision on corporate affairs and all disciplines that are part of this. But we will also look ahead. Not only is the Remote Gaming Bill important to us, but also the question of how we intend to introduce the Swedish Kindred to the Netherlands.