by Hague


Hague believes in the power of content. Storytelling in word, image and infographics can bring the authentic story of our clients out in the public arena to stakeholders and in the media.

Ingrid Thijssen, CEO of the Board of Directors of the network company Alliander, was chosen Top Woman of the Year in 2016. This was a good opportunity for Alliander, with a popular figurehead, they put two themes on the agenda that the company takes to heart: diversity and the energy transition.

Hague created a multimedia platform, Topvrouwatwork.nl, with interviews, videos, long reads and reports. Visitors to the platform were able to follow the Top Woman of the year, and were informed about the latest developments and in-depth backgrounds in the field of diversity and the energy transition.

This fits in with the international trend of CEOs who actively seek the stage, online and offline, to display their motives and communicate their mission. It also fits in with Alliander’s strategy to highlight the crucial role of the network company and the grid operator – responsible for the electricity and gas network – in the energy transition.

The Top Woman campaign also had its effect in the media and in the political discussion in The Hague, regarding the grid operators.

Ingrid Thijssen was interviewed in top Dutch newspapers and spoke at a hearing in the House of Representatives. Hague assisted Alliander in its preparation of this, and in a number of public appearances with important stakeholders that Ingrid Thijssen conducted as a Top Woman, such as at the VNG conference.

It’s a textbook example of the Corporate Affairs approach that Hague advocates: the integration of communication, media and public affairs, supported by own content. To this day Alliander is a valued client of Hague, and this allows us to contribute to the support for the most important challenge that the Netherlands faces: the energy transition.