Crisis Communication Training

How does your organisation behave under high pressure to the unexpected media attention that could damage your reputation? Do you keep a low profile or react immediately? Do you admit your mistakes?

Crises come in many shapes and sizes. A firework accident can differ enormously from the sudden departure of the CEO of a listed company. But it is almost always a trial by fire for the reputation of your organisation. You must be firm and flexible at the same time. You need to be able to find the right words under high pressure, both inside your organisation and in your relationship with the outside world. And of course – be ready to defy the media storm.

That is why preparing for possible crises is crucial for every organisation. We train you on the key steps to follow based on simulated crisis situations so that you learn how to convey your messages properly and overcome a crisis.

Training points

  • Dos and don'ts in crisis communication
  • The role of communication in the crisis team
  • Transmitting your message under high pressure
  • Dealing with stress

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Why Hague

We see the trainings of the Hague Academy as ‘the tailor of corporate affairs’. In our view, no clothing fits better than a tailored suit. Participants are at the centre of our attention and we adapt our working method to you and your organisation. This way we can get to the heart of your needs, so that you are ready to start a conversation with the outside world.

The trainers of the Hague Academy are affiliated with Hague Corporate Affairs and rely on years of experience in journalism, business and civil service. They helped clients overcome many crises, both within the political arena in Brussels and large companies and organisations.