Hague Academy

Is your organisation crisis-proof? How does the European Union (EU) function and how does it affect your business? How could you benefit from EU funding? Are your practices GDPR-compliant? Hague offers a one-stop-shop for these questions. Our seasoned advisors will give trainings tailored to your needs. Welcome to our Academy!

Crisis Communication Training

A crisis always lurks around the corner and comes by surprise if you are not prepared. We simulate crisis situations and equip you with the right toolbox to tackle a crisis efficiently. We will teach you how to convey your message and stay vigilant to the occurrence of a future storm.

EU Lobbying Training

The way the EU crafts its laws and the impact it induces may seem confusing for organisations. We explain how Brussels works to you and your team, shedding light on the EU institutions and on the complex decision-making processes. We make the training relevant to you: We use practical cases in your area of expertise to help you grasp to what extent the EU impacts your activities and where you can also make an impact.

EU Funding Opportunities Workshop

Europe has always been a world’s cradle for knowledge with highly innovative research institutes, universities and companies. At the same time, scientific excellence needs funding. With a particular focus on the next EU Research and Innovation (R&I) Programme, Horizon Europe, our workshop explains how to assess existing calls for proposals in light of specific research areas, promote priorities for EU R&I, identify who could be your partners, build consortia and apply for funding.

GDPR Workshop

Most organisations handle various types of data on a daily basis. When this data is personal – related to the identification of a person, practices must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If not, you will be exposing your organisation to substantial fines and reputation damage. Our workshop built around concrete cases will help your team understand and see to a GPDR-proof behaviour at all times.