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Radboud Reijn

Radboud Reijn is Account Director European Affairs at the Brussels office of Hague Corporate Affairs.

He provides strategic advice to clients on trade, agri-food and sustainability and guides them through the EU policy making arena.

He has more than a decade of experience designing and executing lobby strategies for a diverse set of clients to achieve their public policy and regulatory goals. Combining this expertise, he aids clients in engaging with decision makers, navigating the complex decision-making process of the EU and managing relations with a diverse set of stakeholders in Brussels as well as EU Member State Capitals.


Radboud holds a B.A. and Msc in Anthropology and Conflict Resolution and Governance from the University of Amsterdam. He started his career working in The Netherlands in the non-profit sector as an advocacy officer offering political analysis and advice for navigating Dutch and EU foreign policy with a focus on international trade agreements and sustainable development. He then moved to Belgium in 2014 and started his own lobbying firm specializing in tailor-made strategies for EU policy making. He is a Dutch native speaker fluent in English, with working knowledge of German and French.