Associate Partner

Loek Hermans

Loek Hermans is Associate Partner at Hague. With his decades of experience at all levels in politics and administration, he gives Hague and our clients high-level advice in complex decision-making processes.

Loek Hermans knows the political and administrative reality like no other from within, and always paints a realistic picture of strategies and arguments that may or may not find resonance in The Hague. He challenges clients to mainly think about what they have to offer from their expertise to create policies, so that they can be valuable discussion partners in The Hague.


Loek Hermans was a member of the Lower House of Parliament, group leader of the VVD in the Senate, Minister of Education, Culture and Science, mayor of Zwolle, and Queen’s Commissioner in Friesland. As former member of MKB Nederland and Greenport Holland, he also has extensive experience in business.