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Josja Roest

Josja started as an intern at Hague in 2015 and is now, as Account Director, responsible for the organisation of our office in The Hague. Moreover, Josja is as an energy expert responsible for the Energy Desk of Hague Corporate Affairs. He follows developments within the energy sector closely and has a strong opinion about the energy system of the future.

Josja is a corporate affairs professional with a focus on thematical expertise. This is especially necessary for the energy sector, because its complex, and innovations are developed quickly. Josja’s drive and ambitions to challenge our clients by the content, have made Josja an experienced team member of Hague who has been working with several clients over the past years. Josja is capable to connect the public affairs- and communication strategy with the execution.

According to Josja, a good story is the start- and the end of every successful public affairs project. By creating this story, both ‘media and political monitoring’ and thematical expertise are crucial.


Josja had already combined the disciplines of communication and policy during his studies in Management and Organisational Sciences and Governance & Policy at the University of Utrecht. After his studies he gained the necessary experience at a Hague consultancy firm in the field of lobbying and public affairs, and as an independent entrepreneur.

For his company Josja worked as a college teacher for several large private educational organisations. As a teacher, Josja has mastered how to simplify complex issues and translate them into concrete solutions. This is a competence that comes in handy during both the consultancy work and his leading role as Account Director.