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Irene van As

Irene van As is Account Director at Hague Corporate Affairs

As a reputation specialist, Irene has a permanent antenna for developments and issues that play a role in society. She is convinced that organisations can build a strong reputation on a distinctive, socially relevant positioning with an agile communication strategy and approach.

Irene sees that organizations often equate reputation management with crisis communication for issues. While a proactive reputation policy actually helps to build and strengthen the organizational reputation in order to obtain a preferred position among stakeholders. This requires a strategy and approach in which the promise an organization makes, must be continuously proven in behavior and actions.

Irene supports organizations by strengthening their (influence) position, visibility and authority. Naturally with insight into, involvement of and in line with the needs, expectations and assessment of internal and external stakeholders. She provides support from A to Z if necessary, or only at the parts where her expertise is needed.


Irene studied communication management at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam and then obtained a master’s degree in communication and information sciences at the VU University.

After her studies, Irene started her career as a marketing communication professional. In her role as marketing communication manager at a Dutch start-up, she was responsible for the (international) positioning and global profiling of wooden design bicycle Sandwichbikes. With customers, distributors and media relations around the world, she has mastered the art of stakeholder management and an agile communication strategy.

As a senior reputation advisor and online specialist at IVRM Reputatie, Irene supported various clients in reputation management and research, corporate communication, stakeholder management and PR at strategic, tactical and executive level.